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Nick Name Savannah
Earliest Known Date 1869
Location Savannah, GA, United States
Nine Class Senior

The Savannah Base Ball Club shows as early as 1869, when it played a match in Charleston. See Charleston Courier, July 27, 1869, and Protoball's Chronology entry #1869.10.

By 1871 it was playing a slew of matches "up north" against northern teams, including the Haymakers of Troy and the best NYC teams. The tour itinerary is in the Savannah Daily Advertiser, June 30, 1871. The roster of that touring team is in the Advertiser, June 14, 1871, and includes future major league star Tim Murnane.


 See Charleston Courier, July 27, 1869


Bruce Allardice adds this note on the social makeup of the Savannah BBC [19CBB posting of 2/5/2016]:


"George G. Kimball was born in 1843 in ME, died 1923, attended Bowdoin (ME) College. Journalist.

William Forrestal May (1845-1920) was born in CT.

“Flanders”–only Flanders in 1870 Savannah a mulatto.

Edwin L. Beard was born in NY c. 1840.

Peter S. Neidlinger (1853-97) a clerk who was born in Savannah of German immigrants.

Peter Schaefer (1841-1902) was born in Germany.

Charles Rossignol (born c 1850) was born in GA, as was William Nungezer Nichols (1852-1930)

Frank Wagner Dasher (1852-88) was born in GA, of NY parents.

From the above, it’s pretty clear that the team was not highly gentrified but was at least half transplants."

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Found by Bruce Allardice
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