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Page Date Game City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score Contributor
Game 1803-04-13 "Playing Ball" Toronto Bill Humber
Game 1803-07-14 Game of Ball" Hope Bill Humber
Game 1815-05-29 Wicket Chippawa Ontario Chippawa Penetergushene Joe Williams
Game 1835 "Bat" Red River Settlement, Manitoba Bill Humber
Game 1836 Predecessor Game Woodstock Bill Humber
Game 1838-06-04 Unknown Beachville Ontario Bruce Allardice
Game 1839 Predecessor Game Huntingdon (Quebec) Bill Humber
Game 1840 Rounders London Bill Humber
Game 1840 Unknown Saint John (New Brunswick)
Game 1841-01-07 "Game of Ball and Bat" Halifax (Nova Scotia) Bill Humber
Game 1849 Rounders Victoria Bill Humber
Game 1854 MA game Hamilton Bruce Allardice
Game 1855 MA game St. Thomas Bruce Allardice
Game 1856 Predecessor Game London Ontario Bill Humber
Game 1856 The Canadian game (?) London (Ontario) Bruce Allardice
Game 1860 Rounders Montreal Quebec Bruce Allardice
Game 1900 Indoor Baseball Dawson Yukon Bruce Allardice