London Base Ball Club v Club of Delaware, Ontario in 1856

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Date of Game 1856
Game Predecessor Game
Location London, Ontario, Canada
Field Military Reserve
Home Team London Base Ball Club
Away Team  Add Club Page Club of Delaware, Ontario
Has Source On Hand No

From William Humber's "Early Baseball ii Canada" manuscript, 9/14/12:

Railton’s Directory for the City of London, Canada West (later Ontario) published in 1856 described the formation of a local club consisting of 22 members. The number is significant because it appears to conform to the description of what the New York Clipper later described as “the game as played in Canada”, [and which for simplicity sake I will now dub, “The Canadian Game”] with teams consisting of 11-aside.

See also Martin, "The Tecumsehs" p. 32.


Railton’s Directory for the City of London, Canada West (later Ontario), 1856

New York Clipper Sept. 27, 1856

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Submitted by Bill Humber
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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