Portland Base Ball Club v Tri-Mountain Club of Boston on 9 September 1858

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Date of Game Thursday, September 9, 1858
Location Boston, MA, United States
Field Boston Common
Home Team Portland Base Ball Club
Away Team Tri-Mountain Club of Boston
Score 47 - 42

Portland (Portland, Maine) 47

Tri-Mountain (Boston) 42

(9 innings)

(Boston Herald: “The game was that known as the New York game ….  The rules of the New York game differ materially from those adopted by the Massachusetts Association of Base Ball Players last fall.  The bases are placed at the angles of a rhombus instead of a square, the home base being the position of the striker; provision is made for ‘foul hits,’ and the ball is caught on the ‘bound’ as well as on the ‘fly.’  The game consists of nine innings instead of one hundred tallies, and the ball is pitched, not thrown. / … The playing was witnessed by a large and interested crowd of spectators. / The Portland boys arrived in this city yesterday morning, and return home to-day.  They were entertained by the Tri-Mountain Club with a supper at the Cummings House, last evening.”)

(Boston Daily Chronicle & New York Clipper: “A space was enclosed so as to allow the game to proceed without hindrance, and the match was witnessed by a large number of people, the majority of whom selected standing places in the shade of Beacon street mall, the heat being excessive and decidedly unfavorable for base ball playing, considering the arduous exercise always consequent upon a match game.  Unusual interest attached to the game among the lovers of field sports, from the fact that it was announced to be played according to the rules of the game of the New York clubs, which differ essentially from the rules of the game as played here, and also from the fact that one of the parties to the match came from a neighboring city for the purpose of entering into the contest. / … Notwithstanding the heat of the day the game was continued with a great degree of care and energy on both sides and the playing of both clubs was excellent. …/ The trial was conducted with the best of feeling by all concerned, and, as a happy conclusion to the sport, the Portland Club was entertained last evening, at the Cummings House, by the members of the Boston Club.”)

(Porter’s Spirit of the Times: “a friendly match game of base-ball (according to the New York Rules) was played…. The game was watched with great interest by a large number of spectators, and at the close both clubs were loudly cheered.  …  The weather was oppressively hot, … .  The two clubs presented a very fine appearance on the field, and one or two more matches like the last will revolutionize the Massachusetts game, and change them all to the only game of ball that is truly national, and in which so much skill and science can be displayed.  In the evening, the Trimountain Club entertained their late adversaries at the Cummings House with a splendid supper, and their after-supper talk proclaimed them scholars as well as base-ball players.  Some of the Tigers were on hand also, and opened their mouths once in a while, for what purpose it is needless to say.  The Portland Club came up in the boat yesterday morning, and most of them will return home this evening.  The pluck with which they fought the odds that were against them at the middle of the game, won for them the respect of all who witnessed the game.”)


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