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Game Pepper
Game Family Fungo Fungo
Eras Derivative
Invented No

A drill to sharpen the batting eye and fielding reflexes in baseball. A few players stand side by side in a line and toss the ball to a batter who hits short grounders to them in turn. Forms of the game involve penalizing players for fielding errors and mis-hits.  There is no running and no team play in this exercise.

A lifelong baseball man Reflected on the game of pepper.  "Another problem [with today's practices] is the absence of pepper games.  I had a discussion once with Ted Williams, ans we both agreed that playing pepper was important in the conditioning of every player.  Every movement that you make in a pepper game, whether you're swinging a bat or fielding the ball or throwing the ball or whatever, you would use in a professional baseball game. . . . But pepper games are gone. . . . It would still be worth putting every player through a pepper session every day."


Charlie Metro (with Tom Altherr), Safe By A Mile (U Nebraska Press,2002), page 426.



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