Lone Star Club of Jersey City v Enterprise Club of Bedford on 1 August 1857

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Date of Game Saturday, August 1, 1857
Location Bedford, Long Island, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field  Add Field Page Enterprise grounds opposite Holder’s Hotel
Home Team Lone Star Club of Jersey City
Away Team Enterprise Club of Bedford
Score 27 - 24
Innings 7
Game Officials Umpire for Lone Star - A. C. Williams of the Eagle Club, Umpire for the Enterprise - A. J. Dayton of the Hamilton Club, Referee - Mr. Holder of the Atlantic Club

(7 innings, due to darkness)

(PSOT (2): “The Lone Star drew the game, on account of the darkness coming on. The score stood 7 innings, to the Enterprise’s 6, they being 3 runs ahead on odd innings.”)

(PSOT (3): “The score at even, sixth innings stood: Lone Star, 23 runs; Enterprise, 21. In the seventh innings, the Lone Star made 4 runs, Enterprise 3, when the game was drawn, Enterprise at the bat. As this is our first match, we should like to have a correction made.”)

(PSOT (4): “The match … not being finished on account of the late hour they commenced, it was expected the game would be finished on the ground of the [Lone Star], very soon after; but the President of the Lone Star Club has received a note from the Enterprise Club ‘respectfully declining to play the match out,’ as they considered themselves a ‘Junior Club,’ while the Lone Star was not so considered by ‘the best Brooklyn authorities.’ The Lone Star is a young club, but from constant practice have made themselves formidable. This declination is no small compliment to them.”)

(PSOT (5): “Quite an excitement has been raised in Bedford about the refusal of the Enterprise to play the return match with the Lone Star, of Jersey City.”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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