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Game Family Hook-em-snivy Hook-em-snivy
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Invented No

Our single reference to this game comes from an 1847 Alabama newspaper in its attempt to describe curling to southern readers: “Did you ever play ‘bass ball,’ or ‘goal,’ or ‘hook-em-snivy,’ on the ice?” Its nature is unknown. “Hookum-snivy” is slang for adultery, not that it matters.


The Alabama Reporter, as reprinted in Spirit of the Times (January 16, 1847), page 559.  Provided by David Block, 2/28/2008.


Protoball asked Mister Google about the word "hookum snivy", and he, rather less helpfully and rather more cryptically than usual, said this: "My Quaker grandmother, born in Maryland in 1823, used [the word] in my hearing when she was about seventy years old. She said that it was a barbarism in use among common people and that we must forget it.

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