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Page Date City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score First in Contributor
Ballgame 1861-11-01 Denver CO CO Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1862-03-15 Denver CO Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1862-04-26 Denver CO Larry McCray
Ballgame 1873-11-09 Fort Lyon CO Friendships Lyons 33 - 28 Fort Lyon, CO Jim Wohlenhaus
Ballgame 1873-11-29 Fort Lyon CO 1st Nine 2d Nine 16 - 25 Jim Wohlenhaus
Ballgame 1873-12 Fort Lyon CO Lyon Base Ball Club of M Troop 6th Cavalry Friendship Base Ball Club of H Troop 6th US Cavalry 30 - 27 Jim Wohlenhaus
Ballgame 1874-03-21 Fort Lyon CO Friendship Club of Company H Lyon Club of Company M, 6th Cavalry 26 - 19 Bruce Allardice