Flys-Are-Up, Flies-Up

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Game Flys-Are-Up, Flies-Up
Game Family Fungo Fungo
Eras Derivative
Invented No

Gregory Christiano recalls this as a fungo game for times where there were too few players for stick-ball in The Bronx, New York in the mid-1950s. A fielder who caught the ball on the fly went “up” to bat.

Gary Land quotes New York City resident Michael Frank: “Hardball? Never. Other baseball-related games we played included Stickball in the street and “Flies-Up” in the playground. The latter game is not further described, but could be a species of Fungo.


See also G. Land, Growing Up with Baseball (UNebraska, 2004).


Was there a pitcher involved, or did a batter fungo the ball to the fielders?

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