Excelsior Club of Upton v Union Club of Medway on 11 October 1859

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Date of Game Tuesday, October 11, 1859
Location Worcester, MA, United States
Field  Add Field Page Agricultural grounds
Home Team Excelsior Club of Upton
Away Team Union Club of Medway
Score 100 - 57

(Chicago Press and Tribune: “A base ball match for $500, between the two champion clubs of Massachusetts, commenced here today.  When the play was stopped, the Excelsiors of Upton stood 67, and the Unions of Medway 33.  The play will be resumed again tomorrow.”)

(New York Times: “A match of base ball between the champion clubs of Massachusetts, for a purse of $500  … The playing was witnessed by delegations from many of the clubs throughout the State, and by the citizens generally, to the number of 5,000.”)

(New York Clipper: 80-inning game played “according to the rules of the Massachusetts Association.”)

(Porter’s Spirit of the Times: “Some weeks ago, the Union Club of Medway, and the Excelsior Club of Upton, had a trial of skill at Ashland, for the championship, in which, after a very close and exciting struggle of two days, the Unions took the belt.  But there were rumors of unfairness towards the Excelsiors, and the result was so close, that the Mechanics Club of Worcester raised a purse of five hundred dollars for another trial, which took place in this city yesterday … in presence of five or six thousand spectators. / Both clubs met on the common, in their respective uniforms, and marched to the music of Fishe’s Cornet Band to the  grounds, accompanied by their friends in procession—some five or six hundred strong. / … The game was resumed on Wednesday morning, when, after 7 hours’ exceedingly close play, (in which both clubs showed much skill), it was concluded by the Uptons making the 100th tally with three men still on the byes.  The purse was presented to the winners by Samuel Lawrence, Esq., President of Mechanics Club, and received by the President of Excelsior Club in some appropriate remarks, when after hearty cheers all round, ended the much talked of match.  It was understood that the Upton Club generously presented to their rivals $200 of the $500, at a collation served at the Bay State House. / Doesticks delivered his poem on Plush to a large audience here, Tuesday evening.”)

The New York Herald, Oct. 12, 1859 reports the game was renewed the next day and the Excelsior won, 100-57.


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Found by Craig Waff
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