Eureka Club of Newark v Enterprise Club of Brooklyn on 10 July 1861

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Date of Game Wednesday, July 10, 1861
Location Hoboken, Hudson County, NJ, United States
Field Elysian Fields
Home Team Eureka Club of Newark
Away Team Enterprise Club of Brooklyn
Score 27 - 5

(home-and-home game)

(New York Clipper: “The third contest of a series of home and home games—the first two of which were played last season …  the Eureka succeeded in obtaining a signal victory over the noted Enterprise club of Brooklyn; and it was a well deserved triumph, for never did a club strive more earnestly for success, or achieve it in a more skilful manner than did the Eureka on this occasion.  …  The Enterprise club possesses, in the person of their pitcher [Earl], a player physically capable of making himself preminent in the position, but until he adds regularity of delivery, and capacity to control the direction of the ball thoroughly, to the power he possesses of pitching a swift ball, he need never hope to become a second Creighton.  Merely swift pitching is “played out,” speed alone is of no advantage unless accompanied with regular delivery and considerable twist to the ball, in which case it becomes very effective, otherwise a more moderate speed with these other requisites is far preferable.  We were a little surprised to see such an experienced ball player as Mr. A. B. Taylor [of the Mutuals; umpire for this game] pass over the peculiar movement of Earl in throwing to the bases, and decide it as ‘no baulk.’  According to our reading of the rule on the subject, a plainer baulk was never made than the movement of Earl in this match.  True, he does not “draw back his hand,” but he unquestionably ‘moves with the apparent purpose and pretension of delivering the ball,’ and then turns and throws it to the base, and if this does not constitute a baulk, we know not what does.  Mr. Taylor was evidently in doubt on the subject, because once, when appealed to, he replies as before ‘no baulk,’ but added, sotto voce, ‘unless all are baulks,” which they undoubtedly were. / The assemblage of spectators to witness this match was the most numerous of the season, …”)


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Found by Craig Waff
Entry Origin Games Tab 2
Entry Origin Url Tab:Greater New York City, 1861 - 1862#date1861-7-10


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