Empire Club of New Orleans v Louisiana Club of New Orleans on 14 September 1859

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Date of Game Wednesday, September 14, 1859 14 & 22 Sep, 1859 (Wed & Fri) (Porter’s Spirit of the Times) or 15 & 22 Sep (New York Clipper)
Location New Orleans, LA, United States
Field Delachaise grounds
Home Team Empire Club of New Orleans
Away Team Louisiana Club of New Orleans
Score 77 - 64
Innings 6

Empire (New Orleans) 77

Louisiana (New Orleans) 64

(Porter’s Spirit of the Times (1): “On Wednesday, 14th inst., the beautiful and airy grounds which have been devoted during  the present season to the healthy sports of the field—the Delachaise property, near Louisiana Avenue—presented a most animated and enlivening appearance.  The occasion was the commencement of a match of base ball between the Louisiana B. B. C., and the Empires, on a challenge of the latter.  The arrangements for the accommodation of visitors were most ample in every respect.  There were commodious tents for the ladies spread under the umbrageous branches of the fine old live oaks, and they were served with refreshments by the polite stewards of the Clubs, appointed for the occasion, and who performed their part of the duties of the day in the most creditable manner. / Nor were the male guests of the Clubs unprovided for by the thoughtful masters of ceremonies upon this occasion.  Everything was done to make them pleased with their visit to the ground, and to make them wish to come again.  Altogether, there was a large and delighted concourse of citizens upon the field.  …  Although it was getting towards dusk, it was agreed to play a sixth before suspending thhe match, and at the end of that innings, the Empire led the Louisianians twelve runs. / Three more innings, on each side, remain to be played, in this so far admirably-contested game, which will be resumed next Monday afternoon, at half past 3 o’clock.”)

(Porter’s Spirit of the Times (4): “There was a large number of spectators on the ground, and the day was most auspicious for the playing.”

(New York Clipper - “This being the first match that has been played between two clubs in that city, it created an unusual excitement among field sporters.”  After 6 innings “when darkness coming on, it was agreed that the last three remaining innings should be played on the 22d Sept.”  At the end of the game “The umpire then presented the captain of the Empire Club the ball, which was the agreed upon trophy of victory, with a few remarks, pertinent to the occasion; upon receiving which, Mr. McManus called for three cheers for the Louisiana Base Ball Club.  They were given with enthusiasm, and were responded in kind by the members of that club.”)


(1) “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Base Ball at New Orleans,” Porter’s Spirit of the Times, vol. 7, no. 5 (1 Oct 1859), p. 69, cols. 1-2

(2) New Orleans Picayune, 23 Sep 1859 [NOT YET SEEN] [added, BA]

(3) “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Base Ball at New Orleans,” Porter’s Spirit of the Times, vol. 7, no. 5 [sic: 6] (8 Oct 1859), p. 83, cols. 1-2 [reprint of (2)]

(4) “Base Ball in New Orleans—Contest between the Louisiana and Empire Base Ball Clubs,” New York Clipper, [?] Oct 1859

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Found by Craig Waff
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