Eckford Club of Brooklyn v Enterprise Club of Brooklyn on 5 June 1861

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Date of Game Wednesday, June 5, 1861
Location Bedford, Long Island, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field Atlantic grounds
Home Team Eckford Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Enterprise Club of Brooklyn
Score 52 - 19
Game Officials A. B. Taylor of the Mutuals

(Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times (2): “The Myrtle and Fulton Avenue cars carry passengers to the grounds for the trifling fare of five cents, leaving Fulton Ferry every few minutes.”)

(Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times (3): “Being the first important match of the season it was gratifying to observe so many spectators gathered to witness the sport, numbering as they did quite two thousand persons. / The Eckford Club is well known to base ball circles throughout the country as one of the best playing and most successful clubs ever formed.  Although they have been many years organized, their contests have been a series of triumphs, and their reverses have been, like angels’ visits, few and far between.  As an illustration of this remark, it is only necessary to look at the club’s splendid rosewood trophy case, containing some fifty balls, emblems of their prowess and skill. / The Enterprise Club was, until a season or two, in the ranks of the Junior associations, among whom they maintained a ‘front seat’ as a body of A 1 players.  Since their debut as one of the Seniors they have won many gallant victories, and steadily added to their reputation. / … / Of the Enterprise players, all done well at times in batting, but their fielding was far behind their standard of last season, and it plainly evinced a lack of practice. … / … At the conclusion of the game the Enterprise members generously entertained the Eckford Club with a collation at Wild’s Hotel, which was arranged in a manner characteristic of that club’s reputation for hospitality.”)


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(5) Peverelly, p. 74 [Eckford = 53 runs]

Tholkes RIM

(6) Wright, pp. 57 & 58

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Found by Craig Waff
Entered by Bruce Allardice
Entry Origin Games Tab 2
Entry Origin Url Tab:Greater New York City, 1861 - 1862#date1861-6-5


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