Eckford Club of Brooklyn v Atlantic Club of Brooklyn on 22 October 1860

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Date of Game Monday, October 22, 1860
Location Bedford, Long Island, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field Atlantic grounds
Home Team Eckford Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Atlantic Club of Brooklyn
Score 20 - 15
Innings 7

Eckford (Brooklyn) 20

Atlantic (Brooklyn)) 15

(return game – 7 innings)

(BDE (2): “The threatening state of the weather did not diminish the crowd of spectators, nearly two thousand being present. … At the conclusion of the game the Eckfords partook of a fine collation which had been prepared for them by the Atlantics, and the two Clubs passed some pleasant hours in the delights of social enjoyment.”)

(NYT: “The game and field were conducted in the most friendly manner …. Threatening as the weather was, between three and four thousand persons were present.”)

(NYC (4): “Only seven innings were played, although the 8th was commenced, but before its close darkness rendered a suspension of play necessary. The weather was unfavorable both for the presence of the spectators and for the players, as it was a damp, cloudy day, threatening rain every minute, and the ground was wet and slippery. … We noticed on this occasion, that the Atlantics did not show that discipline they did in the last two matches they have played. Without it, they can never expect to play as well or with as much pleasure, as they would were they to preserve a perfect discipline in playing their matches. … When united and in good trim, no club in existence can defeat them, but when in the condition they were in this match, we shall not be surprised to see them defeated. … The Eckfords were as usual hospitably entertained by the Atlantics at the close of the game, and wended their way home highly elated with their well-earned victory.”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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