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Game Cricket
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Regions US, Britain, Europe, Rest of World
Eras 1700s, 1800s, Contemporary, Post-1900, Pre-1700, Predecessor
Invented No

Cricket is not generally seen as a source of base ball.  However, it shares many of base ball's key characteristics: base-running, batting, pitching (bowling), innings, etc.  And the physical dimensions of the ball are close to that of base ball.

The game is (arguably) recorded in 1300 in England, and for sure in 1598. See Altham, "A History of Cricket" p. 18-19, and Green, "A History of Cricket" p. 12-13.

A game played in the United States, called wicket, bears some resemblance to cricket as it was played in the 1800s.  Wicket is reported in many U.S. states, led by Connecticut and Massachusetts.  It seems to have crested in the post Civil War era, and town vs. town matches, some using teams of as many as 30 players.  See wicket

The English exported cricket to many of its colonies.  To see how the game later evolved in a section of New Guinea, see the well-presented 53-minute clip at:




There's a variation called "softball cricket" or "softball" that's popular on the Isle of Man (aka Mann), among other places.

Ben Franklin is said to have brought a set of cricket rules to the U.S. in 1767. See Ryszek, "Baseball's First Inning" p. 101.

First cricket in various countries (from online sources). Often by British army and navy personnel:

U.S.--1737 in Savannah; New Zealand--1832; South Africa--1808 at Capetown; Australia--Sydney 1803; Dieppe, France--1826; Spain--1809; Portugal--1808; Canada (Montreal)--1785, Toronto 1827; Newfoundland--St. John's, 1824; Jamaica--1838; Barbados--1780; Br. Guiana--1865; Bahamas--1846; Bermuda--1844; Hong Kong--1841; Singapore--1837; India--1721; Germany--1858; Denmark--1865; Mexico--1827; Netherlands--1855; Belgium--1815; Ireland--1792; Wales--1763; Malta--1800; Italy--1793; Egypt--1851; Sri Lanka--1832; Belize--1892; Iran--1856; Scotland--1785; Russia--1855 in the Crimea or 1875 in St. Petersburg; Japan--1863; Indonesia--1880s; Sweden--1883; Norway--1866; Finland--1960s; Nigeria--Late 19th Century; Gold Coast (Ghana)--1906; Zambia--early 1900s; Grenada--1887; Cyprus--1879; Rhodesia--1905; Sierra Leone--1887; Iran--1931; Iceland--1944; Gambia--1927; Argentina--1807; Uruguay--1842; Brazil--1860s; Chile--1829; Peru--1859; Dominica--1912; Syria--1676; Sudan--1899; Greece--1823; Colombia--1905; Malaysia--1887; Bangladesh--1792; China--1858; Afghanistan--1839; Ascension Island--1831; Sao Tome--1872; Trinidad and Tobago--1842; Hawaii--1847; Switzerland--1817; Turks and Caicos--1950s; Isle of Man--1847; Channel Islands--1861; Gibraltar--late 18th century, for sure 1820; Northern Ireland--1828; Burma/Myanmar--1900 in Rangoon; Panama--1907; Pakistan--1850 in Lahore; Estonia--1855 (British naval officers, outside Reval/Tallinn); Kenya--1880s; Oman--1979; Antigua--1895; Fiji--1874; Tanzania--1890; Gambia--1927; Uganda--1914; Yemen--1902 in Aden; Maldives--1920; Nicaragua--1888; Israel--1918 (by Allenby's soldiers); Turkey (Ottoman Empire)--1806.

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