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Club Date City Borough State First in Contributor
Bismarck and Camp Hancock Base Ball Club 1873-08-10 Bismarck ND ND Earliest known reference to a base ball club Terry Bohn
D Company, 20th Infantry Base Ball Club of Bismarck 1873-08-10 Bismarck ND ND, United States First known game in Bismarck Terry Bohn
Actives Club of Fort Lincoln 1874-06-07 Fort Lincoln ND Fort Lincoln, ND Bruce Allardice
U.S.A. Club of Pembina (Fort Pembina) 1874-07 Pembina (Fort Pembina) ND Pembina (Fort Pembina), ND Bruce Allardice
Red River Club of Fargo 1875 Fargo ND Fargo, ND Bruce Allardice
Caledonia Boys of Caledonia 1879-06 Caledonia ND Caledonia, ND Bruce Allardice
Dakota Stars Club of Grand Forks 1879-06-25 Grand Forks ND Grand Forks, ND Bruce Allardice
K Company Club of Fort Totten 1879 Fort Totten ND Fort Totten, ND Bruce Allardice
Blue Stockings Club of Bismarck 1879 Bismarck ND Bruce Allardice
White Stockings Club of Grand Rapids 1881 Grand Rapids ND Grand Rapids, ND Bruce Allardice
Clippers Club of Dickey's Landing 1881 Dickey ND Bruce Allardice
Club of Tower City 1882 Tower City ND Tower City, ND Bruce Allardice
Club of Valley City 1882 Valley City ND Valley City, ND Bruce Allardice
Club of Mandan 1883 Mandan ND Mandan, ND Bruce Allardice
Irrepressibles Club of Fargo 1883 Fargo ND Bruce Allardice
Plug Hat Club of Grand Forks 1883 Grand Forks ND Bruce Allardice
Club of Bismarck 1885 Bismarck ND Bruce Allardice
Club of Minot 1887 Minot ND Minot, ND Bruce Allardice