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Game Baseball on Ice
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Regions US
Eras Derivative, 1800s
Invented Yes

The first known game of base ball played on ice skates occurred on in January 1861 near Rochester NY.  Skating was very popular, and the hybrid game was played into the late 1800s.

A few special rules are known from the 1880s, a key one being that runnders were not at risk when they overskated a base.  Deliveries were pitches, not throws; a dead ball was used and the bound rule was in effect.  A ten-player team deployed a left shortstop and a right shortstop.



Priscilla Astifan, "Baseball in the Nineteenth Century," Rochester History LII (Summer 1990), page 9.

Peter Morris, A Game of Inches (Ivan Dee, 2010 Single-volume edition), page 500.


For some sketchy reports of ice-bound base-running games see Chronology entries 1847.11, 1860.67, and 1861.5.  Additional input is welcome.

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