Base Ball in Albany on 10 June 1856

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Date of Game Tuesday, June 10, 1856
Game Base Ball
Location Albany, NY, United States

"The match game of Base Ball between the Empire and Excelsior Clubs, came off yesterday on the Cricket Grounds. The (illegible: "scorings?") are as follows:

1st Hand3326
2nd do12?22
3rd do2224?

Excelsior winning by 3. The playing of both Clubs was splendid; but no other result could have been expected, as several of the players of the Excelsior are members of the Cricket Club and rank among the best players. Taking this into consideration, the Excelsior ought to have won by 100. The Empire before playing expected to be beaten by 150."

One cannot conclude that this game was played by New York rules. The use of the term "hand" for "inning" is unusual, playing three frames is unusual, and the format appears close to a best-of-three arrangement not uncommon in round ball as played in New England and upstate New York.

[Note: a second notice on the same page reported that another club, the Athlete Club, had declined a challenge by the Excelsior Club.]


Albany Evening Journal, June 11, 1856.

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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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