Atlantic Club of Brooklyn v Excelsior Club of Brooklyn on 16 November 1858

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Date of Game Tuesday, November 16, 1858
Location Bedford, Long Island, NY, United States
Field Atlantic grounds
Home Team Atlantic Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Excelsior Club of Brooklyn
Score 27 - 6
Innings 6

(return match - 6 innings)

(PSOT: “This disparity [of runs] was partly owing to the inclemency of the weather, a piercing wind from the northwest rendering the day one totally unfit for ball-play; and a majority of the members of the Excelsior Club being engaged in mercantile pursuits, are not as fully prepared to withstand the severity of the weather when playing ball, as their more hardy compeers, the Atlantics, whose avocations necessarily oblige them to be weather-proof, consequently the Atlantics, in this respect, had the advantage, but not to an extent sufficient to compensate for the inferior play of their adversaries. … The Atlantics did not warm up until the third inning, when they all played as they alone, it would seem, can play. Take the Atlantic’s Nine as a whole, and we much doubt if they have their equals, certainly not their superiors. They are practically familiar with every material point of the game, and from always playing the second nine, and always having the players at the same points, they have brought their play to a perfectly harmonious system, and it is to this important fact that they may attribute their invariable success. We noticed on this occasion that, despite the cold weather, several ladies were present to witness the play of their friends in the two clubs, and several hundred spectators bravely shivered through the game, the attraction being sufficiently great to compensate for the unpleasantness of the day. … This is the last match of the season—a season successful beyond precedent in all out-door sports, but especially ball-play.”)


(1) “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Atlantic vs. Excelsior,” PSOT, vol. 5, no. 13 (27 Nov 1858), p. 197, cols. 1-2

(2) Peverelly, pp. 55 & 62

(3) Wright, p. 19 (twice)

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