Atlantic Club of Brooklyn v Enterprise Club of Brooklyn on 17 August 1860

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Date of Game Friday, August 17, 1860
Location Bedford, Long Island, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field Atlantic grounds
Home Team Atlantic Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Enterprise Club of Brooklyn
Score 16 - 14

(return match)

(BDE (1): “We have no doubt but that the “Boys” will make a better score this game than they did the last time they played the champions.”)

(BDE (2): “These clubs played … in the presence of some two thousand spectators, the match having been arranged rather prematurely, as the Atlantic’s are desirous of getting off most of their matches before they play the deciding contest with the Excelsiors. Their play yesterday was not of the most brilliant order, they showing a deficiency both in batting and fielding, chiefly, we think, induced by changing the position of their fielders, which is, generally speaking a very bad plan of procedure. Their able opponents came very near defeating them, and as it was, the result is highly creditable to the Enterprise club, for we question if there is any club but the Excelsior’s that can play so close a game with the Atlantic’s as they did. The Enterprise players have learned the value and importance of proper discipline in their nine, and for a young club they are remarkably well organized in this respect, and it is in this that they have an advantage over the Atlantic’s, who this season has been lacking in this very necessary matter. … We understand that the Enterprise club have challenged several of our leading clubs who have not responded as it was expected they would. Don’t be afraid of the boys gentlemen, but come out boldly and play them even if there is a chance of your being defeated. Those who back out will certainly merit the white feather for an ornament.”)

(NYC: “The game was somewhat prematurely arranged, there being but a few days’ notice given of it, and in consequence not over two thousand persons were present.”)


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(4) Peverelly, p. 63 [dates game 16 Aug]

(5) Wright, pp. 45 & 50 [former page reports a 26-14 game on 16 Aug]

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Found by Craig Waff
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