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Game Aipuni
Game Family Hat ball Hat ball
Location Hawaii
Eras Predecessor
Invented No

[A] A boys’ game reportedly played in Hawaii before the game of base ball was introduced in the 1860s. As described, its rules were consistent with those of wicket, but no running or scoring is mentioned.

[B] See also item 1855c.10:

"In 1855 the new game of wicket was introduced at Punahou [School] and for a few years was the leading athletic game on the campus. . . . [The] fiercely contested games drew many spectators from among the young ladies and aroused no common interest among the friends of the school."

"One game they all enjoyed was wicket, often watched by small Mary Burbank. Aipuni, the Hawaiians called it, or rounders, perhaps because the bat had a large rounder end. It was a forerunner of baseball, but the broad, heavy bat was held close to the ground."

[Through further digging, John Thorn suggests the migration of wicket to Hawaii through the Hawaii-born missionary Henry Obookiah. At age 17, Obookiah traveled to New Haven and was educated in the area. He may well have been exposed to wicket there.  He died in 1818, but not before helping organize a ministry [Episcopalian?] in Hawaii that began in 1820.

See also John Thorn's 2016 recap is the supplementary text to 1855c.10.



Monica Nucciarone, Alexander Cartwright (UNebraska Press, 2009), page 201.  The author cites the source as W. R. Castle, Reminiscences of William Richards Castle. (Advertiser Publishing, 1960), page 50.


See also Item 1855c.10"New Game" of Wicket Played in HI."


Andrews' 1865 "Dictionary pf the Hawaiian Language" p. 279 contains the following:

"Ki-ni-ho-lo. s. kini and holo, to run. the name of a particular game of ball, similar to base ball."

Other sources say the more common name for a ball game is kinipopo. [ba]

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