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Town Ball and Cat Played in NC Lowlands?

Salience Noteworthy
Location US South
City/State/Country: NC, United States
Game Town Ball

"Of formalized games, choices for males [in NC] appear to have been 'town-ball, bull-pen,' 'cat,' and 'prisoner's base,' whatever exhibitions of dexterity they may have involved." 

-- Biographer C. G. Davidson, on local pastimes in North Carolina





Chalmers G. Davidson, Piedmont Partisan: The Life and Times of Brigadier-General William Lee Davidson (Davidson College, Davidson NC, 1951), page 20. Per Thomas L. Altherr, "Chucking the Old Apple: Recent Discoveries of Pre-1840 North American Ball Games," Base Ball, Volume 2, number 1 (Spring 2008), page 32.


This is a very early claim for town ball, preceding even New England references to bat-and-ball,  roundball or like games. It would be useful to examine C. Davidson's sources on town ball and cat.  Are we content that these games were found in NC in the 1750s?



Prisoner's base is not a ball game, and bull-pen is not a safe-haven game.

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Note: Can we determine what region of NC is under discussion here? Text of the biography is unavailable via Google Books as of 11/15/2008. 

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