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Nick Name Rustics
Earliest Known Date 1867
Location Danby, IL, United States
Modern Address Glen Ellyn

Peter Morris et al., editors, "Base Ball Pioneers. 1850-1870" p. 214 says a Chicago team beat the Rustics of Danby (modern Glen Ellyn) at Danby in 1867.

Weiser, "Glen Ellyn," pp. 48-49, has more detail on this game, citing the reminiscences of L. Charles Cooper. Evidently Cooper (1846-1923. An attorney) and "Dr. Harcourt" (Dr. R. H. Harcourt, 1844-79,, who'd played the game while attending college in Ann Arbor (U of MI)), introduced the game to Danby and formed the team. It lost to the Chicago Excelsiors 124 to 2. The book gives the names of some of the Danby players.

This game was played Aug. 21, 1867. See the Chicago Tribune, Aug. 15, Aug. 22, 1867. There is  a marker at Lake Glen Ellyn Park in modern Glen Ellyn commemorating the "first baseball game" in that town, which was played at what is now that park. However, the marker dates the game to the Spring of 1865, and says the score was Excelsiors 102, Danby 2.

See also the DuPage Club of Danby.


Peter Morris et al., editors, "Base Ball Pioneers. 1850-1870" p. 214. Weiser, "Glen Ellyn," pp. 48-49

Chicago Evening Post, Aug. 22, 1867

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
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