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NOTE: Material in this section started as a series of short notes on Digger activities and plan as described in past issues of The Next Destin'd Post, a semi-regular newsletter associated with the Protoball Project. Issuance was suspended for some time while Larry McCray served as Chair of the SABR Committee on the Origins of Base Ball and guest editor of the "Special Issue on Origins" of Base Ball Journal (volume 5, number 1, Spring 2011). Updates are always welcome.

September 2022

Richard discloses that he will begin working on a book for the University of Missouri Press, with a tentative  title of  "The Rise of Baseball, 1744 to 1871." 

June 2022

Bruce Allardice's article on baseball statistics 1866-70, "Runs, Runs, and More Runs" (SABR Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2021) won the SABR McFarland Award for Best Baseball History article of 2021. The article analyzed every game reported in the New York Clipper for those 5 years, almost 5000 games.

For a link to the raw data, visit http://civilwarbruce.com/Baseball1866-70.html