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First Name Debbie
Last Name Shattuck
Location South Dakota
Special Interest Ballplaying Women
Active Yes

Debbie is the author of an article on women base ball players in the Spring 2011 isue of Nine. She is at work on a monograph tentatively titled Bloomer Girls: Women Baseball Pioneers, and is also collecting data on female play of base ball's predecessor games.

Essays and Articles

Don't Forget the Girls by Debbie Shattuck
For Fun and Health -- That's Why She Played by Debbie Shattuck

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Deb Shattuck’s Online Talk about Women and Base Ball

Deb Shattuck’s thesis work on the history of women’s base ball continues, and you can see a lot of it at This 80-minute talk includes much new information on female play prior to 1870, some of it altogether new to Protoball. Deb writes: "my talk was a compilation of the work done by those before me (David Block, Dorothy Mills, John Thorn, and the many contributors to the Protoball and 19cBB group) who have generously shared their research findings with me and other researchers. When I finally finish my book (later this year, fingers crossed) I hope to make my research available to as wide an audience as possible. I will begin by filling in the blanks on the Protoball site; after that I hope to work with SABR and the Women in BB Committee to create a searchable database of every female player and team we can find."

Deb’s talk, "Bloomer Girls," was delivered on July 19 at the Yachats Academy of Arts and Sciences on the Oregon Coast. Her forthcoming PhD dissertation at the U of Iowa covers women base ball pioneers.

On July 19, Deb Shattuck presented “Bloomer Girls:  Women Baseball Pioneers” at the Triple Play Baseball Festival at Yachats on the Oregon Coast. The presentation is based on her forthcoming dissertation at the U of Iowa.  The festival was the work of former MLB pitcher -- and geneticist -- Dave Baldwin.

Debbie Shattuck’s initial NDPost offering on the distaff side of ballplaying appears in the June 2013 issue of the Next Destin'd Post.  She is working to publish her forthcoming thesis on women baseball pioneers with the University of Illinois Press, with a target date of 2015.

Debbie Shattuck is at work on her book-length dissertation, Bloomer Girls: Women Baseball Pioneers.  She has upcoming talks on women and early base ball in Cleveland, in Madison County, New York, and in St. Louis this year.

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