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Email List
First Name Corky
Last Name Gaskell
Location Rochester, MN
Active Yes

"My name is Corky Gaskell and I am a trustee on the Vintage Base Ball Association board, and captain of the local Rochester, MN vintage club called the Roosters Base Ball Club.  I learned to make vintage base balls a few years back and have started teaching others, but I wanted to add more historical value to what I am doing, and teaching.  I am still fairly new to the history of the game, but a willing participant in trying to get it right.I am not an author, nor am I a historian. I am just a Joe Average out looking to learn more. My inspiration comes from my learning about Doc Adams and all he did for the game. That is why I started making base balls 5-6 years ago, and why I continue to have a passion for this, which includes teaching others."

-- From an email of January 23, 2018.

Essays and Articles

Baseball Making Notes by Corky Gaskell

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In January 2018, Corky agreed to serve as moderator for a Protoball-based email conversation on how and why the base ball evolved the way it did.  As part of that discussion, the group plans to review the evidence on the balls used in earlier games, including real tennis, cricket, stoolball, and golf.

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