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Nick Name Punahou School
Earliest Known Date September 1866
Location Honolulu, HI, United States
Nine Class Senior

The memoirs of William Castle (cited in Nucciarone, "Alexander Cartwright", p. 198) state that he played baseball while at Oberlin College, 1864-66. [side note: Oberlin had a verified team in 1865]. When he returned, in Sept. 1866, he organized  a team at Punahou School to play this "new" baseball game. Before then, the bat-ball games played in Hawaii were versions of "two o-cat" or "three o-cat". Other sources have baseball being played at Punahou in 1866.

Nucciarone, pp 196-208, has a lengthy discussion of early baseball in Hawaii.

Punahou students played baseball among themselves 1869-78, prior to class. See the baseball tally book featured at

Punahou school was the premier college prep school in Hawaii at the time. It was where the leading American-descended families, and leading "native" families, sent their children to be educated.

Honolulu had 13,521 residents in 1866, according to the 1866 census. See the Pacific Commercial Advertiser, April 6, 1867. Hawaii as a whole had an estimated 59,800 residents in 1870 (per Hawaiian Official Historical statistics).


Nucciarone, "Alexander Cartwright", p. 196-208.


The 1866 Census of Hawaii showed that the native population was still declining. By island:








Total--62,959. Of this total, the majority (one estimate says about 51,000) were of Polynesian descent.

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
First in Location HI


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