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Game Beep Baseball
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Regions US
Eras Derivative, Contemporary
Invented No

Baseball for blind players. The balls emit beeps, and a base buzzes once a ball is hit. Runners are out if the ball is fielded before they reach base. Sighted players serve as pitcher and catcher for the batting team, but cannot field. There is a national association for the game, and annual World Series have been held since 1976.


The National Beep Baseball Association: see, accessed 11/9/2009.

For a story about beep-ball at Harvard, see





For a review of a six-team beep ball tournament in Woburn MA in July 2017, see Supplemental Text, below.  It was written by Joanne Hulbert, who runs the Boston SABR Chaptre. 

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Supplemental Text

I just returned from watching two games of the Beep Ball tournament held at Woburn Ma. today, I do have the sunburn to show for it! Six teams, Boston's own Renegades, Philadelphia Fire, Rochester Pioneers, New York Bombers (yes, they are wearing pinstripes) and two teams from New Jersey - Lightning and Titans. Anyone skeptical about this game as baseball would be convinced that this truly is a base ball game - there's a bat, a ball, outfielders and bases, the works along with the most dedicated players ever found on a ball field, and I was entertained, impressed and sold on it. There was a lot of press coverage, so you may catch a glimpse on any of the Boston channels this evening, and I did put in my two cents with the Renegades PR person. I will be writing up a recap for the SABR site, and anyone else who may have stopped by to watch the games, let me know your impressions.

The Boston Renegades, part of the Association for Blind citizens, is a worthy organization to support. And, as their staff t-shirts say, the team plays "wicked hard."

Great games, the Renegades were ahead - wicked ahead in the standings.

Joanne Hulbert
Boston Chapter

{Email to the Boston SABR Chapter, July 8. 2017}