Atlantic Club of Chicago v Excelsior Club of Chicago on 26 August 1860

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Date of Game Sunday, August 26, 1860
Location Chicago, IL, United States
Field West Side cricket grounds
Home Team Atlantic Club of Chicago
Away Team Excelsior Club of Chicago
Score 23 - 12

(Chicago Press and Tribune (1): “All who are desirous of seeing the national game of Base Ball, well played, should witness the match next Saturday, as it will doubtless be the best play of the season.”)

(Chicago Press and Tribune (2): “As these Clubs are rivals for the championship of the West, excellent playing may be expected.  Should the weather be favorable the game will be witnessed by at least 1,000 persons.  The above match promises to be closely contested, as each Club are prepared for the occasion.  The Excelsior forces are greatly strengthened this season by the accession to their ranks of several prominent players, formerly of the Columbian Club.”

(Chicago Press and Tribune (3): “… a signal victory for the Atlantics, who for a year past have been the champions of the city.  …  The play was witnessed by a much larger crowd than has heretofore attended during a match.”)


(1) “The City: Base Ball,” Chicago Press and Tribune, vol. 14, no. 45 (22 Aug 1860), p. 4, col. 6

(2) “The City: Base Ball,” Chicago Press and Tribune, vol. 14, no. 47 (24 Aug 1860), p. 1, col. 6

(3) “The City: Base Ball,” Chicago Press and Tribune, vol. 14, no. 49 (27 Aug 1860), p. 1, col. 5

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Found by Craig Waff
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