Victoria v Alki Club of Seattle in Victoria on 16 May 1878

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Date of Game Thursday, May 16, 1878 Odd day, played prior to usual game in the series which was on Queen Victoria's birthday
Location Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Modern Address Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC
Field Beacon Hill Park
Home Team  Add Club Page Victoria
Away Team Alki Club of Seattle
Score 26 - 19
NY Rules Likely

From "Just Cogitating" By C. T. Conover, Seattle Daily Times, Thursday, August 11, 1955, page 43. The first record of baseball in Seattle was in 1876 when S. L. Crawford arrived from Olympia with his baseball and bat. He used to practice in Occidental Square, now Pioneer Place, and was a moving spirit in popularizing the game. The Alkis, the first Seattle nine, played the Victorias at Victoria, May 16, 1878. The score, Victorias 26, Alkis 19. The Alki catcher was Frank A. Green. Sam M. Percival was on second base; Fred Dunham on third base, and Crawford, J. S. Spencer and S. C. Love were outfielders. The first baseball game in which a University of Washington nine participated was played with the Independents of Victoria, May 24, 1882. The U. Of W. lineup was Lincoln Calvin, catcher; H. Jacobs, pitcher; Ed Russell, first base; Van Wyckoff, second base; William Beach, third base; Jesse Young, shortstop; Art White, left field; George White, center field; Harry Spinning, right field, and Walter Hall, substitute. There is no record of the score.


From "Just Cogitating" By C. T. Conover, Seattle Daily Times, Thursday, August 11, 1955, page 43.

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Found by Mark Brunke
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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