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'Citizens' v Crew of the USN Pinta in Sitka on 4 July 1886 +AK  +
'Colored' Club of Newark +Newark, MO  +
'Ladies' Club of Pensacola +Pensacola, FL  +


12th US Infantry v 25th US Infantry on 25 December 1899 +Philippines  +
14th Infantry v 9th Infantry on 15 October 1870 +Fort Russell, WY  +


51st Fighter Group Club in Karachi +Pakistan  +
52nd Illinois Infantry Regiment v 2nd Iowa Regiment on 28 March 1863 +Corinth, MS  +


67th New York Infantry v 62nd New York Infantry on 19 April 1863 +Falmouth, VA  +


7th US Cavalry v 19th Kansas in 1869 +OK  +


A. H. C. Quick Club of Amsterdam +The Netherlands  +
A. S. St. Eugene Club of Algiers +Algeria  +
Abingdon College Club of Abingdon +Abingdon, IL  +
Academic Club of Middletown +Middletown, DE  +
Academy Club of Collamer +Collamer, OH  +
Accommodation Club of Fort Fetterman +Fort Fetterman, WY  +
Accommodation Club of Fort Fetterman v Laramie Club in 1868 +Fort Fetterman, WY  +
Achilles Club of Morrison +Morrison, IL  +
Acme Club of Cary +Cary, IL  +
Acme Club of Clayton +Clayton, IL  +
Acme Club of Waukegan v Lake Shore Club of Waukegan on 26 September 1867 +Libertyville, IL  +
Active Base Ball Club of Kirkland +Kirkland, IL  +
Active Club of Barrytown +Barrytown, NY  +
Active Club of Beatrice +Beatrice, NE  +
Active Club of Brazil +Brazil, IN  +
Active Club of Brookfield +Brookfield, MO  +
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