Pioneer Club of Jersey City v Pioneer Club of Jersey City on 23 June 1855

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Date of Game Saturday, June 23, 1855
Location Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ, United States
Home Team Pioneer Club of Jersey City
Away Team Pioneer Club of Jersey City
Score 21 - 16
NY Rules Unknown

"Base Ball Club - There is very considerable spirit manifested by the members of this sporting club in Jersey City, who enter into the game much zest. Three games came off yesterday. The following gentlemen were the winners by 2 on the first, 5 on the second, and thirteen on the last ---- Boyce, Jonlon, Marsh, Reynolds, Gregory, G. Drummer and Hart. Contestants --- Bixby, Bache, Hooker, Skillman, Varick Fox, Tilley, Brown, Shane and Hutton."

From the names of the players, this appears to be the Pioneer Club, with Boyce's side playing Bixby's side. See John Zinn's article on this team in Morris, "Base Ball Founders,"p. 194. Per Craig Waff, side 1 scored 21, side 2, 16. He cites the NY Clipper. [ba]


Jersey City Daily Sentinel, June 28, 1855

Morris, "Base Ball Founders,"p. 194.

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Found by John Zinn
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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