Olympics Club of Victoria v Rainier Base Ball Club of Olympia on 25 May 1869

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Date of Game Tuesday, May 25, 1869 Game actually occurred on the 25th at 10 AM
Location Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Modern Address Beacon Hill Park
Field Beacon Hill Park
Home Team Olympics Club of Victoria
Away Team Rainier Base Ball Club of Olympia
Score 45 - 23

From the British Colonist newspaper, the newspaper of Victoria.

TEXT: Mr. R. G. Hayes Sec. Ranier B. B. Club Olympia, W.T.

Sir, I am desired on behalf of the Olympic Nine of this city to extend through you an invitation to the Rainier Nine of Oylmpia to play a national game of Base Ball on Beacon Hill, 24th May, with the intention of playing the return match at your city, July 4th, at your option. I am respectfully yours, W. G. Jamieson, Sec. O. B. B. Club An early answer will oblige

(reply) Olympia, W. T., May 8, 1869 Mr. W. G. Jamieson Sec. Olmypic B B Club Victoria, W. T.

Sir, I am requested as Secretary of the Rainier Base Ball Club, of Olympia to accept the challenge of the Olympics of Victoria, to play a national game of Base Ball at Victoria on the 24th May, 1869. Please state the hour at which the game will begin, I remain, very respectfully yours, R. G. Hays, Rainier B B Club

The Rainiers are a crack club, and have won several well contested matches on their own ground. The Olympics will have to keep their eyes about them when go into the field with such opponents.


Article above from the May 12, 1869 edition of the British Colonist of Victoria, BC. The result of the second game is unknown. In the May 26 edition, it was reported the Olympics won the first game 45 to 23.

W. G. Jamieson would go on to be the President of the first club in Seattle in 1872, the Dolly Varden Base Ball Club. He would be Secretary of the second team in Seattle, the Alki Base Ball Club, which was the first team from Seattle to play Match Games.

Frank Treen from the Olympia Rainier BBC would also later play for the Seattle club.

The Olympic Base Ball Club of Victoria was founded in 1866 to play Base Ball by New York Rules.

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Found by Mark Brunke
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