Metamora Club of Hudson City

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Nick Name Metamora
Earliest Known Date Friday, September 18, 1857
Location Hudson City, Hudson County, NJ, United States
Modern Address Jersey City
Nine Class Senior

New York Clipper October 3, 1857

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Found by John Zinn
Entered by John Zinn


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Player Years Roles Edit Association with Club
A. Greenleaf 1857
A. Konk 1857
B. Van Riper 1857 Later Officer
Daniel Toffy 1857
George Toffey 1857
J. M. Merselles Jr. 1857 Later Officer
J. R. Mallory 1857 Later Officer
J. W. Force 1857
Jacob Bravork 1857
John Harrison 1857
John W. Smith 1857 Later Officer
L. J. Tonnele 1857 Later Officer
M. Prior 1857 Later Officer
Robert Wilson 1857
Thomas Thompson 1857

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