Lone Star Club of New Orleans v Southern Club of New Orleans on 11 December 1859

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Date of Game Sunday, December 11, 1859 11 Dec, 1859 (Sun) 18 Dec (Sun)
Location New Orleans, LA, United States
Field Delachaise grounds
Home Team Lone Star Club of New Orleans
Away Team Southern Club of New Orleans
Score 47 - 24
Innings 7

(score at end of 7 innings, when game was called due to darkness)

(The New Orleans Bee: “the Lone Star having challenged the Southern Club ….  the conclusion was postponed until next Sunday at the same place.  …  The great feature of the occasion was the beautiful pitching of the Lone Star’s pitcher, who gave underhand twist balls which seemed invincible, and it took the Southerns all afternoon to learn the ‘dodge.’ “It was the general opinion that the Southerns excelled in fielding and running bases.”)


(1) “City Intelligence: Match Game of Base Ball,” The New Orleans Bee, vol. 32, no. 11,544 [new series—vol. 17] (8 Nov 1859), p. 1, col. 5

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Found by Craig Waff
Entry Origin Games Tab 2
Entry Origin Url http://protoball.org/Games Tab:New Orleans#date1859-12-11


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