In Oakland on 1 September 1881

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Date of Game Thursday, September 1, 1881 Date unknown
Location Oakland, CA, United States
Away Team  Add Club Page Chinese Boys (Chinese Educational Mission)
Score 8 - 11

“Speaking of baseball and its popularity among the CEM boys, you might add - in your epilogue - that the CEM boys (the senior boys, not Leon) played a local Oakland team just before they departed for [China]. In my book I stated that there’s no confirmation that the CEM team won, but in fact there is: The San Francisco Chronicle, 4 September 1881, p.8, states that the CEM boys defeated the local team by a score of 11 to 8.”


News Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 4 September 1881, page 8. 

The source is author is Edward J. M. Rhoads, in a communication to Dori Jones Yang, who examined the role of base ball in the lives of boys sent to the US in the 1870s:  see The_Forbidden_Temptation_of_Baseball.

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Submission Note Email from Dori Jones Yang, 12/19/2017


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