In Independence on 23 April 1849

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Date of Game Monday, April 23, 1849
Location Independence, MO, United States
NY Rules Unknown

From Protoball Entry #1849.13 – Did Cartwright Play Ball on His Way to California?

“April 23, 1849 [evidently the day before Cartwright left Independence MO for California] During the past week we have passed the time in fixing the wagon covers, stowing away property etc., varied by hunting , fishing, swimming and playing base-ball. I have the ball and book of Rules with me that we used in forming the Knickerbocker Base-ball Club back home.”

Monica Nucciarone adds that this version differs from the transcription in a Hawaii museum, in that the baseball references only appear in the family’s version.

Caution: The legend is that Cartwright played his way west. Nucciarone, page 30: “[W]hile it’s easy to imagine Cartwright playing baseball when he could and spreading the new game across the country as he went, it’s much more difficult to prove he did this. The evidence is scant and inconsistent.”


Cartwright family typed copy of lost handwritten diary by Alexander Cartwright, as cited in Monica Nucciarone:

Monica Nucciarone, Alexander Cartwright: The Life Behind the Baseball Legend (UNebraska Press, 2009), page 31.

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