Finally, Cricket Played Here (by Aduls) Without English Immigrants!

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Date August 1854
Location NYC, NY, United States

[B] It was in 1854 that an all-US match occurred, reportedly the first ever. The New York Times on August 11, 1854, covered a match played the previous week between New York and Newark, noting, "this ends the first match played in the United States between Americans. Let us hope it will not be the last."  The New York club won this match, and Newark won a return match on August 1. 


[A] William Ryczek, Baseball's First Inning (McFarland, 2009), page 105.  No source given.

[B] Email from Beth Hise.  She cites William Rotch Wister, Some Reminiscences of Cricket in Philadelphia before 1861 (Allen, Lane, and Scott, 1904).

Submitted by Beth Hise
Submission Note 1/2/2010


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