Fashion Club of Victoria v Victoria Cricketeers on 31 March 1863

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Date of Game Tuesday, March 31, 1863
Location Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Modern Address 100 Cook St, Victoria, BC V8V, Canada
Field Beacon Hill Park
Home Team Fashion Club of Victoria
Away Team  Add Club Page Victoria Cricketeers
Score 42 - 34
Number of Players 20
NY Rules Likely

Base Ball.

A closely contested match at this new sport here took place yesterday on Beacon Hill between the Victoria Cricketeers and the Fashion Club. The play on both sides is represented as having been very good. The Fashion Club, however, was victorious. The folling is the score:

Fashion Club

PLAYERS         HL       R's

Pattale, c          3        4

Keenan, p         1        7

Dinwoodie, 2b   2        7

Schuyler, 3b      1        5

Butcher, 1s        2        5

Bowron, 1b        4        2

Stanley, ss         2        4

Buckely, lf          5        3

McLean, rf          3        3

Chipman, cf        4        3

Innings                        42


Victoria Cricketeers

PLAYERS             HL         R's

Wieur, c                  0           6

Richardson, 2b        1           3

Wallace, 1b             2           1

Palmer, lf                5           0

Callingham, 3b        1           3

Chisholm, p             2          4

Williard, ss              3           3

Bayley, rf                 4          2

Twentymen, ss         3           3

Willey, lf                   3           3

Innings                                 28


British Daily Colonist, March 31, 1863. The game should be noted for having both a 10 men/10 position lineup and the designation of two short fielders. The Cricketeers double listing of positions is also of note. The usage by the Fashion Club is similar to suggestions Henry Chadwick would be making for a 10 position game in the coming decade.

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Found by Mark Brunke
Entered by Mark Brunke
First in Location British Columbia, Canada
Local-Origins Study Groups Pacific Northwest Chapter of SABR


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