Excelsior Club of Brooklyn v Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York on 2 August 1859

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Date of Game Tuesday, August 2, 1859
Location South Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field  Add Field Page Excelsior grounds at Penny Bridge or at the foot of Court St.
Home Team Excelsior Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York
Score 20 - 5

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(NYT: “The interest of the public in this game may be inferred from the fact that at least five thousand persons, many of them ladies, witnessed the contest.”

(BDE (3): “fully six thousand people were collected together …. A more orderly or respected concourse we have never seen, and it was truly gratifying to see so many persons of both sexes—for the tent provided for the ladies was crowded to the utmost extent—participating in the enjoyment afforded by this manly and noble exercise, and exciting and exhilarating game. Here we have in this, what we may now term our national game of ball, an amusement at once invigorating and beneficial to health, and free from every objectionable feature that, in one respect or another, characterises nearly every other out-door amusement. In every respect is it to be commened, not only as an excellent school for the physical training of our youth, but also as a rational and manly pastime, which our wives, sisters and sweethearts can witness, and enliven us with their presence, without the fear of a word or deed that would call the blush to the cheek of the most fastidious. / It is unquestionably a game that should meet with encouragement from parents and school teachers, for if we would have our children to be worthy citizens in every respect, we must educate them physically as well as mentally, and in order to do so efficiently we must provide them with cheerful and invigorating exercise in the open air, and where can be found an exercise or physical amusement preferable to the manly game that within the past three or four years has made such rapid strides in popularity. Our attention yesterday was also called to the fact, that in these contests a means of rational enjoyment was offered freely to all who chose to avail themselves of it, the only passport requisite being, orderly conduct while on the ground, thus giving to those of the community whose circumstances prohibit their participation in any sport attended with expense, an opportunity to relieve themselves temporarily at least of the cares and anxieties of daily life. Success then, say we, to our national game; may it spread itself throughout the length and breadth of this fair land, and its influence cannot fail to be beneficial in every respect to the community wh[e]rein it flourishes.”)

(NYC: “Fully six thousand persons were on the ground, and a more orderly or respectable assemblage we have never yet seen. … The game … terminated in one hour and fifty minutes … being the shortest on record. It was decidedly the most brilliant contest of the season …”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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