Charter Oak Club of Brooklyn v Excelsior Club of Brooklyn on 12 May 1859

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Date of Game Thursday, May 12, 1859
Location Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field  Add Field Page Ball grounds adjoining Bergen St., near Smith (PSOT)
Home Team Charter Oak Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Excelsior Club of Brooklyn
Score 18 - 17

(PSOT: “The former [Excelsior Club] gained considerable notoriety, last season, by the success they met with in the majority of their matches, and the latter [Charter Oak] club bids fair to do the same, if they can manage to obtain a similar result in their future contests to the one they did in this. It is, however, but fair to state that the Excelsiors did not present their strength on this occasion, but nevertheless, there were a sufficient number of their best players present to make the result highly creditable to the skills of their opponents. It is too early in the season to comment on the play on either side, as both sides showed the want of practice necessary to lead to victory; but we cannot refrain from alluding to the careful play throughout of the Charter Oaks, which, combined with some very loose play on the part of their competitors, contributed materially to the favorable result of the match.”)


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(2) “Excelsior vs. Charter Oak: First Grand Match of the Season,” NYC, vol. 7, no. 5 (21 May 1859), p. 39, col. [xx]

(3) Peverelly, p. 55

(4) Wright, pp. 31 & 36

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Found by Craig Waff
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