Atlantic Club of Brooklyn v Excelsior Club of Brooklyn on 9 November 1858

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Date of Game Tuesday, November 9, 1858
Location South Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field  Add Field Page Carroll Park
Home Team Atlantic Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Excelsior Club of Brooklyn
Score 22 - 10

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(PSOT (3): “One of the most exciting contests of the season … the occasion being the first match between the best players of these leading and rival clubs of Brooklyn. The Excelsiors had had a foretaste of their opponents’ skill on the previous Wednesday, but the weather interrupted the game on that day, not, however, before the Atlantics had scored thirteen runs to the Excelsiors three; two innings being played only. On Tuesday, the weather was propitious, and the game was finished,… An immense concourse of spectators were assembled, the utmost interest existing in regard to the result. As the ground is leased by the Excelsior Club, of course they exercised their right to exclude those who at all interfered with the players, and a posse of police effectively attended to the matter, and order reigned throughout. The play of the Atlantics was an excellent exhibition of the skill and ability arrived at this season in the practice of this truly manly and national game. Every point was effectively filled, and it would be invidious to allude to any player in particular, when all did so well. On the part of the Excelsiors, the play, although very creditable in many instances, as a whole was inferior to what they have done on previous important occasions. … Russell’s absence from first base—although Whiting played well there—Reynold’s recent illness, Bergen’s injury to his arm, and Cole’s shortcomings [his poor play at shortstop] were material drawbacks on the part of the Excelsiors, and their score under thecircumstances was very creditable; but, had it been otherwise, we doubt their ability—this season, at any rate—to cope successfully with their able and experienced opponents, the conquering Atlantics. The most friendly feeling was evinced by the clubs one to another throughout. The decisions of the umpire, Mr. Dakin, we consider were sound and impartial, and his selection to act in that capacity, a convincing proof that our previously-expressed opinion of his judgment and impartiality was but simple justice, and the charges of certain parties from our city as false as they were unjust. … The game occupied two hours and a half only.”


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Found by Craig Waff
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