Atlantic Club of Brooklyn v Enterprise Club of Brooklyn on 16 July 1860

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Date of Game Monday, July 16, 1860
Location Bedford, Long Island, NY, United States
Field  Add Field Page Enterprise grounds
Home Team Atlantic Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Enterprise Club of Brooklyn
Score 38 - 20

(BDE (2): “The first game between thee clubs … resulting, of course, in a victory for the Atlantics. The [Enterprise] ‘Boys’ played well, and reflected great credit upon their skill. … The boys are on a high march of success, and are bound to make their mark. They soon play the Atlantics again. On the 25th they play the Eckford Club, when we expect some fine playing. They have challenged and will play the Charter Oak, Putnam, Gotham and Champion Clubs, some of whom, we venture to say, they will beat.”)

(NYC: “The Enterprise and Star were the leading junior organizations up to 1859, when both entered the National Association. Last season the Stars took a decided lead, being much stronger than the Enterprise; but this season, judging from the play of the respective clubs thus far, we are inclined to award the palm to the Enterprise club …. We allude to these two clubs especially, as they have been rivals since their organization, the Enterprise club practicing on the same grounds as the Atlantics, and the Stars, up to this season, on that of the Excelsiors, both the Atlantics and Excelsiors being at times recruited from these junior clubs. … It would seem that the Atlantics play only when occasion demands, and they generally show their marked efficiency as ball players the best when they are in a tight place. … The storm on Monday interfered with the play for an hour, but the game was resumed and finished. Quite an assemblage of spectators was present, ….”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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