Arcadian Club of Portland v Collegiate Club of Salem on 23 October 1874

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Date of Game Friday, October 23, 1874
Location Oregon City, OR, United States
Field  Add Field Page Unknown
Home Team Arcadian Club of Portland
Away Team Collegiate Club of Salem
Score 9 - 0

The third and last game in the series between the rival base-ball clubs- The Arcadians of this city [Portland] and the Collegiates of Salem- took place at the Oregon City grounds last Saturday. The game did not reach a fair and satisfactory close-being broken up on the ninth inning by a misunderstanding little short of a general row. The umpire has decided the game in favor of the Arcadians by a score of 9 to 0.


Reported in the Friday, October 23, 1874 edition of The New Northwest, in Portland, Oregon.

Also, as noted in the other posting about the Salem base ball club, the following article was posted on April 16, 1875 in Salem's Willamette Farmer, concerning base ball rule changes. This seems to clearly indicate the teams in Oregon were following National Association rules at least as a guide post:

BASE BALL. Revised Rules for 1875. Section 4 of rule 1, amended to read that whenever a ball, in the opinion of the umpire, becomes ripped, cut, out of shape, or in an unfit condition for use, a new ball shall be furnished, on even innings, by the club furnishing the first ball. Section 6 of rule 1, amended to read that one corner of the home plato shall touch the foul lines to third and first base. Sec. 1, rule 4. No part of the pitcher's person must be outside tbe lines of position while delivering the ball, and the delivery must be perpendicular, and not by a round swing or thrown from the wrist. If this rule is strictly observed, it will cause a radical change in the style of pitching, and do away with a large number of dodges resorted to by pitchers to increase the speed and effectiveness of their delivery. Sec 4, 5, 6, rule 4. Amended so as to call every third an unfair ball, the first ball delivered to count, if an unfair pitch. [This throws out the reference to "wides," and is merely a return to the old rule of "called balls," with the addition of counting the first pitch, if unfair] Sec. 10, rule 4. "Passed balls" that should happen to strike tho umpire are not to be considered "dead." Sec. 1 rule 5. This amendment is to the effect that the position of the striker shall show a length of two feet front and four feet behind tho striker's "line, with a width of three feet. See. 3, rule 5. Two foul strikes to put out a player, instead of three. See 1, rule 7. Umpires not to be residents of the city in which the visiting club plays. Five names to be furnished by the local club visited, five days prior to the game, and if a choice is not made within forty-eight hours, one of thn five names of persons furnished by the local club to be selected by the opposing club, and the person authorized to act. Sec. II. rule 7. Amend fo read: "The umpire shall not enter the infield while the ball is in play. Sec. 14, rule 7. It is the duty of the umpire to call "dead ball," when the ball is stopped by an outsider, etc , is provided in the section. See 15, rule 7. The last sentence in this section is stricken out: "But no game shall be forfeited by the failure of tho umpire to discharge his duties."

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Found by Mark Brunke
Players Locality Non-local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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