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Philly Paper Lists Betting Odds for US Championship Match in Brooklyn

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Championship Games, Gambling
Location Brooklyn, NY
City/State/Country: Brooklyn, NY, United States
Game Baseball
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Adult

"The Athletic Base Ball Club [of Philadelphia]has again been defeated, making the sixth thrashing [of 11-10] which they have received during the present season.  This afternoon [September 15] they played on the Union Grounds, in Brooklyn, the deciding game for the championship of the United States, with the Mutual Club . . . .  Bets were freely offered prior to the game of a hundred to fifty . . . but even at these heavy odds there were few takers."  The crowd was reported as about three thousand persons.


"Another Defeat," Philadelphia Inquirer, September 16, 1870.  As reproduced on Richard Hershberger's Facebook posting, September 15, 2020 


"Note also how the betting line is featured prominently in the account. The baseball press routinely decried the influence of gambling on baseball, while carefully reporting the odds. Consistency was not a priority here.

"The crowd of three thousand seems a bit low. It is respectable for this era, but a really big game would draw a lot more. The Philadelphians claimed that that the A's held the championship, with this loss passing it to the Mutuals. No one outside Philadelphia really believed the A's held the championship, or more would have turned out today."

-- Richard Hershberger, 9/15/2020

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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Submission Note FB posting, 9/15/2020


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