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American Baseball introduced to England?

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Antedated Firsts, English Base Ball
City/State/Country: England
Game Base Ball
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Adult
Notables Henry Chadwick

"Base Ball in England--Our national game, we are glad to learn, has taken a start in England, some American students at one of the schools having introduced it as one of their pastimes. That it will ultimately be played in England, we have no doubt, the short time it requires being a principle recommendation, especially in view of the fact that, now that such large scores are being made in leading cricket matches, the length of such contests has become tediously objectionable. Mr. Chadwick has recently received an order from the noted publishing house of Routledge & Sons to write them a book on base ball for the English market, and that firm will issue one in London in July next."

Routledge did come out the next year with "Every Boy's Book: A Complete Encyclopædia of Sports," which had a section on baseball.


The American Chronicle, May 28, 1868


Is this the first instance of American, as opposed to English, baseball in England?

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Submitted by Bruce Allardice


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