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Henry Chadwick Links Base Ball to Rounders - But It's More "Scientific"

Salience Noteworthy
City/State/Country: Hoboken, NJ, United States
Game Rounders
Immediacy of Report Contemporary

"The game of base ball is, as our readers are for the most part aware, an American game exclusively, as now played, although a game somewhat similar has been played in England for many years, called 'rounders,' but which is played more after the style of the Massachusetts game. New York, however, justly lays claim to being the originators of what is termed the American Game, which has been so improved in all its essential points by them, and it scientific points so added to, that it does not stand second to either [rounders or the Mass game?] in its innate excellencies, or interesting phrases, to any national game in any country in the world, and is every way adapted to the tastes of all who love athletic exercises in the country." 


Chadwick article in The New York Clipper (October 26, 1861). 


This is an excerpt from a Hoboken game account.

In 1871 Chadwick identified Two-Old-Cat as the parent of American base ball.  See 1871.20 

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Submitted by John Thorn
Submission Note 7/7/2004


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