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Nation Plays Nation - Senecas and Tuscaroras Have an Inter-tribal Game of Base Ball?

Salience Noteworthy
Location Western New York
City/State/Country: Buffalo, NY, United States
Game Base Ball
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Adult

"At 2 o'clock a grand annual National Base Ball play, on the [county fair] ground, for a purse of $50, between the Tuscarora and the Seneca tribes of Indians."



Buffalo Daily Courier, September 22, 1858, reporting on the schedule of the Erie County agricultural exhibition. Posted to the 19CBB listserve [date?] by Richard Hershberger. 


Richard Hershberger adds: "I usually interpret the word 'national' in this era to mean the New York game." He asks if inter-tribal play was common then. Erie County includes Buffalo.

Note: Gene Draschner notes that the Senecas and Tuscaroras met to play "a game of ball" (lacrosse?) in 1842.  Source: Alexandria (VA) Gazette, September 26, 1842, citing the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, date unspecified.  See 1842 event description in the 19C Clippings data base at https://protoball.org/Clipping:THE_INDIAN_SPORTS.



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So -- was inter-tribal play was common then? 

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Submitted by [A] Richard Hershberger; [B] Gene Draschner
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