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"The Playground" Gives Insight into Rounders, Trap-ball, and Cricket Rules and Customs

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Chapbooks for Juveniles
Location England
City/State/Country: England
Game Rounders
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Juvenile

George Forrest, The Playground: or, The Boy's Book of Games [G. Rutledge, London, 1858, pp. 67-72]. Available via Google Books.

The manual covers rounders, cricket, and trapball - but not stoolball.

Among the features shown: when only a few players were available, backward hits were not in play; leading and pickoffs were used in rounders; the rounders bat is three feet long; two strikes and you're out in trapball; and when a cat is used in place of a ball in rounders, plugging is not allowed.

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