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New NY Club Forms - Later to Reconstitute as Eagle Base Ball Club

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Pre-Knicks NYC
City/State/Country: New York, NY, United States
Game Base Ball
Age of Players Adult

[A] In 1840, the Eagle Ball Club of New York is organized to play an unknown game of Ball; in 1852 the club reconstitutes itself as the Eagle Base Ball Club and begins to play the New York Game.

[B] "The Eagle . . . formed a ball-playing club in 1840, but did not adopt all the points of the Knickerbocker-style game of baseball until fourteen years later"


[A] Eagle Base Ball Club Constitution of 1852.

[B] John Thorn, Baseball in the Garden of Eden, (Simon and Shuster, 2011), page 31






Note:  John Thorn traces the Eagle Club further on pages 35 and 51-53.  In 1852, It was to join  the Knickerbockers and to arrive at a revisin of the Knickerbocker Rules.


On January 7, 2021, Richard Hershberger advised the following:  

"The entry currently states that William Wood says the Eagle Club originally played in the old fashioned way.  Wood says no such thing.  He says that there were two clubs in New York City that date as far back as 1832 and which played in the old fashioned way.  He does not identify the Eagle Club with either.  This is a strictly modern supposition.  I'm not saying it is wrong, but there is no evidence for it, and the entry as it stands is misleading."  This error was corrected 1/16/2021.  Thanks RRH!
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Submitted by John Thorn, entry error cited by Richard Hershberger
Submission Note JT: Email of 6/15/2004 -- RRH, email of 1/7/2021


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